Available up to 30″x30″ Overall Unframed

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Original Images available only from Eagle Productions, Images of the Art created By 

Scott and Sharon Ferlingere

Edited By Brian Mullaley

The Eagles depicted are all fashioned by hand using Plant Life

This original Trademarked Process uses grass and vines to render Life Size Life Like Eagles

They have often been mistaken for Taxidermy, no parts of any animal are used.

The “feathers” are actually 

Grass ……..

Thistle, Milkweed and grape vine produce a stunningly  realistic  representation.

Scott and Sharon took a pile of plant matter no one wanted  and created art that inspired me to imagine

something beyond our simple material world as I see it.

What you see is more than a simple cobbling of weeds  and sticks.


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Available Now Up To 30″ x 30″  Or Request a Custom Size 

sizes available determined by image attributes such as resolution and aspect ratio


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